Because apparently, one – or two – are not enough, I am embarking on my third blog.  Granted, the first two aren’t “public”.  I know, I know, anything on the internet is public, yadda yadda…(oh, excuse me, my Seinfeld is showing!)  But, srsly – this is where I’ll come to contemplate and ramble and share it all with you!  I am a writer, an aspiring novelist, a mother, and a fellow human being on the journey through life, so here are some of the things you can expect to see in this blog:  posts on family/parenthood, spirituality, and…well, just about any- and everything in between that I find interesting (and I hope that you will, too!)  What you won’t see here?  Politics or religion.  I probably won’t post the trials and tribulations of my writing life here, as I have a separate blog for that.  You’re not going to get the down and dirty details of my family life – no dirty laundry here!  But I suspect that you’ll be OK with that. 

So, what else?  Well, maybe you’re wondering about the blog title?  I know that, unless it’s sort of self-evident, I often wonder.  A spiral triskele is a really cool Celtic symbol that I love…it’s one of those symbols that, well, people translate to mean many different things (like “land, sea, sky”, “maiden, mother, crone” among others.)  Since 3 is my lucky number, and this is my 3rd blog, I wanted something representative of that number in the title.

Ephemeral?  Well, we all know that it means “fleeting, short-lived.”  That’s NOT what I’m hoping for this blog!  But it is a lovely word – one of my favorites, and it describes so many of the conditions and circumstances in life – including life itself. 

So yeah, my title doesn’t really make sense.  But I like it anyway.