So yes, I’ll admit I have a problem. I can’t seem to help myself. I am always running off to grab my camera to try to capture a subject, willing or not. I don’t take compromising photographs, but occasionally I have a subject who is a little shy…like this one, who borders on reclusive.

While he doesn’t mind being admired from afar, if you get too near he promptly takes his leave. He is stately and elegant and makes a wonderful subject, but will never agree to sit for me, so I am forced to use what methods I can. I don’t think it makes me a bad person.
You can just see him here, hunched behind the red canoe. His? I think not. Just convenient cover to throw off that persistent paparazzo.

This is not my reclusive subject, but rather a younger relation – perhaps, dare I say it, his love child? Equally reclusive, just not yet as skilled at dodging my efforts.
Today, I was rewarded! Driving by, I spied my subject patiently standing on the dam, possibly fishing for some breakfast. Conveniently, I was armed with my camera, and thus able to get off…
a couple of good shots, before…

The reclusive great blue heron beat a hasty retreat.