I don’t want to say that inspiration has dried up, but rather that it has been redirected of late.

Or perhaps that isn’t correct either.  Because certainly, were there more time in the day, I’d manage to eke out a bit more inspiration to spread around.

So perhaps it would be more accurate to say that for the time I have, I’m running short on spare inspiration.  Or something like that.

You see, I read this book recently – an urban fantasy, which I really enjoyed!  But again, after reading it, I had a thought that has been tickling the back of my brain for some time now.  A thought about an urban fantasy with a different kind of main character.

And like a jolt of electricity, inspiration struck.  I had a main character:  her name, her background, her story.  I thought that I could make a short story with the information I had – I still want to try that, in fact – but I am at that stage where the story has me by the throat and says “Write me!” and I kind of gasp and manage to squeak out “OK, you’re the boss!”

So my every spare minute is consumed by this story.  An interesting and fascinating story – at least to me – that is just dragging me along behind it, my fingers flying as they attempt to record everything I see.

It doesn’t leave much time for my usual maunderings and musings, but…I will try to stop in more often, even if it’s only for story updates.  : )