Most writers have read, or at least heard of, Ann Lamott’s wonderful, funny essay on writing called “Shitty First Drafts.”  Excellent piece – very funny, and very insightful.

As well, most writers have felt, at some point or another in their career – or maybe even at some point or another in everything they write – that their writing is, well, shit.

I know, I know.  The language.

As a writer, I’m also inordinately fond of notebooks.  Today, while shopping  “researching” an “article”, I came across a unique product.  At first, I thought it was merely a joke; a scatological curiosity.  Then I read the accompanying paperwork, and thought twice.

I bought myself one.  What is it, you ask?  Take a look:

Isn’t it lovely?  Technically called a scratch pad, it’s the perfect size for a purse.  But the cool thing about it?  Well, the cool thing is…

Why don’t I show you?





The journal, the cover, and all the pages therein are made from dried elephant dung.

EW, right?  But it’s cleaned, apparently multiple times, boiled, etc.  There’s no smell, and the best part? While it’s lighter than a similar sized cube of conventional paper, it has a lovely, fabric-like feel to it.  Writing on it was fun!  Plus?  Part of the proceeds from every purchase contribute to conservation efforts for elephants.

So really?  It’s win-win.  Not to mention, it’s kind of fun telling people about it. ; )