This is a story I am going to tell you.  It is not a metaphor.  Yet.

It was a cold day out, so after working out at the gym, I decided to treat myself to soup for lunch.  I stopped by the grocery store in the same shopping center to pick up some things we needed for dinner, and perused their salad bar/hot lunch offerings. 

I still had my heart set on soup, so I sought out the urns.  The offerings were tomato basil bisque and chicken and dumplings. 

I felt dismay.  This wasn’t what I had wanted at all!  Don’t get me wrong – I like both of those soups, but they weren’t what I had wanted.  If, however, you had asked what I wanted, I wouldn’t have been able to answer that for you.  It was a sort of “I’ll know it when I see it” situations.

And I didn’t see it.

Although I was feeling virtuous, I was also feeling cold and a bit lazy.  I didn’t want to go somewhere else to see if there was a more desirable soup.  I read the description of the tomato basil soup.  They talked of onions and chicken broth and a red-pepper like kick.  Meh.  But still…so I ladled myself a container of TBS, paid for my purchases, and went home.

At the back table, I settled in with my soup, a salad, and a good book.  The first spoonful of the soup surprised me; it was definitely not your ordinary tomato soup.  It had zest, personality, and kick.  It was, in fact, delicious.

I was elated.  I devoured the soup and scraped the remainder from the container.  I contemplated licking the bowl clean, but I have my pride.

It was then that I realized:  that soup was exactly what I wanted, all along.

It got me to thinking about life; about those times when you look at your life and say “This is not the life I ordered!”

Then you have to stop yourself, and think about it.  Maybe it’s not the life you ordered.  Maybe it’s not what you expected.  But here, in the thick of it, discovering some kick and zest in all the right places, might it not be just what you were looking for?

Just sayin’.