Way back when, I told you my tangerine story.  For a while, I’d gotten into the habit of asking for signs when I felt a bit shaky.  Sometimes it worked, sometimes…not so much.

I could never be certain if I just wasn’t seeing the signs, or if they weren’t being sent, or if the lack of signs was  a sign in and of itself.

This whole sign thing can be crazy-making.

But I’ve been feeling good about my writing path lately, and haven’t thought about writing-related signs in some time.

Then, the Universe gave me an “atta girl.”  Which, btw, if you ever get one?  Is FANTASTIC.  A completely unsolicited pat on the back from the powers? World-rocking.

It came, again, via my Oprah magazine.  (Thanks, Oprah!)

There is always a page in the magazine with a photo and an inspirational quote.  I usual dog-ear these and look at them over and over.  Yesterday was no different.

The photo really resonated with me:  a very old, weathered door stood, incongruously, in the middle of a vast field, with nothing or no one else in sight.

I have a bit of a love affair with doors, especially in my writing.  They feature prominently.  I’ve discovered, on facebook, that there is a page for the poet, Rumi – who I also enjoy.  There are a large number of photos on this page, posted with poems or quotes from Rumi.  Most of the photos seem to have been manipulated by computer, but to intriguing results, and I’ve found them to be a rich source of inspiration for my writing.  Lots of them feature doors.

So here in Oprah is this beautiful door photo, that I say to myself I am going to save, and frame. 

Oh, and did I mention the quote?

It’s a Rumi quote, from “A Voice Through the Door.”

I know, right?  RUMI.

Can I tell you that I didn’t make the connection until today?

I woke up this morning and thought “DUH!  How did I miss that?”  Then I opened to the page – which I had, of course, dog-eared – and read the quote.  I got chills.

“Sometimes you

hear a voice through the

door calling you…

This turning toward what you

deeply love saves you.”