Because doing it all, or even trying, is just impossible…

My brain has died,

my nerves are fried,

I really want to run and hide.

This time of year,

I feel no cheer.

My to-do list has come alive.

I try to sleep

when night is deep,

but those to-do’s just will not keep.

Like ghosts they haunt,

they tease and taunt;

accomplishment stays out of reach.

I just feel stressed;

I cannot rest,

this holiday must be the best.

I hear the songs,

their words sound wrong,

I feel I’m failing every test.

Why can’t I find

some peace of mind?

Holiday joy of any kind?

The to-do’s sneer

“Because we’re here;

you can’t escape the Christmas grind.”

I stare in shock;

my mind’s been rocked.

Those to-do’s have my hours locked.

If I could cut

everything but

the crucial things, would I unlock?

I heave a sigh

for days gone by

the years and holidays, they fly;

and all the stuff,

it’s just too much.

This year, it’s time to simplify.

Hope you all find a way to make your holidays all they were meant to be, minus all the stress!!