I’ve discovered the secret to slowing time, and I am going to share it here with all of you!

The secret is this:  to live Ten Mile Days.

What, you ask, is a Ten Mile Day (TMD, for short)?

A TMD is one of those days when you get up a little (or a lot) earlier than usual, and then cram more than your normal number of activities (this being your own personal definition of activities) into a day.

I first noticed the phenomenon of TMDs slowing time after I started my part time job…the one that requires that I get up at 3:30 a.m. twice a week.  Time is slowed and stretched so disorientingly on these days that I often have to check my watch to be sure that it’s actually still the same day.

This past weekend, it happened again.  On Sunday morning, we got up – a bit earlier than we usually would have, because of daylight savings time – to run.  Through the day I participated in several more activities.  Things that I would normally have scattered over several days, this day I condensed into one.

At the end of the day, I turned and looked back, and the day stretched from one horizon to the other, with the morning’s run way in the distance, like a memory from another time.

And it was good.  It did not feel frantic and chaotic, but rather full and rich.  I crawled into my bed content in the knowledge that I had LIVED that day, showed it who was boss.  The day had rolled onto its back and acknowledged my mastery by temporarily reducing the relentless pace of time.

I think TMDs are best used in moderation.  The early mornings combined with extra activities may slow time, but they also beat the heck out of you and necessitate some recovery time.  This varies, of course, depending upon your age and level of fitness, but you know…whew!

But still, I notice fairly regularly how rapidly time seems to fly by, so it’s sort of great to be able to take a day off the treadmill, stretch it out like taffy, and live every moment at your leisure.