On line in the grocery store the other day, bagging up my order, the woman behind me looked out at the falling snow, and said, “OK, that’s it.  I’ve had enough.  It can stop now.”  Very dour, very serious, very already-exhausted-by-the-snow.  There was less than an inch.

I smiled, as if I agreed with her, but in my head, and in my heart?  I didn’t want it to stop.  I certainly didn’t want any Buffalo-like totals, but the 8-12″ they’d forecast for our area felt just about right to me.

I brought my groceries out to my Jeep, everything getting soaked by the very-wet snow as I struggled to wedge them into the small spaces available in the Jeep – not normally my choice of car for grocery shopping.  So, wet, and cold, and loaded with groceries…I just couldn’t help smiling.

I mean…I had bags and bags of food for my family!  And I was putting them in my car, and taking them to my house, where I knew a warm fire was waiting for me. Many of the groceries were for Thanksgiving dinner, in case we got the forecast snowfall and weren’t able to make the drive we’d originally planned.

I drove home, up hills and down, in a quite reliable 4-wheel drive vehicle, looking at a landscape that was being slowly frosted and swaddled in white.  It was gorgeous.  I had Christmas music playing on the radio, and the scent of the Christmas wreath I’d bought perfumed the small interior of the car.

I thought about the fact that we had our own Thanksgiving feast now, but also about the not one but two friends who were insistent that if the snow canceled our original plans, we should come to them.  It’s good to feel wanted, and loved!

So often, we lose sight of all the wonderful things we already have, because we are so focused on the things we lack, the things we want, the things we think we need to keep up with those damned Joneses.

I think that’s what’s best about this time of year is that it makes us slow down our lives and be more present, which in turn gives us the opportunity to appreciate all that’s good and right about our lives.  And when you do that, you start to realize just how much you’ve been blessed with, and how much you have to be thankful for.