IMG_6347Summer was a fever dream, coming in with a graduation and by turns, lingering lazily and racing headlong to its own demise. It was sandy and salty and sweet, with trips “down the shore,” cool sweet ice cream, and moments spent with family and friends, around campfires and tables, on river rapids and in lighthouse lookouts. It was a million years long, and the blink of an eye. It was nostalgia, always, longing to hold on to those moments where the joy is so sharp as to be almost painful, crystalline and pure, dissolving like an ice cube in a glass of sweet tea. It was work and effort, interspersed with absolute sloth, sprinkled liberally with fun. It was life, and breath, and restoration. It was renewal, and creativity, and connection. It was trips down memory lane, and the inevitable progress down the ever-changing path to our future. But if the future looks anything like this summer, then I know it will be wonderful.