I am a writer and a mother of a certain age, growing into myself and wanting to share the experience with others.  My 3 children will be referred to herein as:  Diva, aged (almost) 9, Daredevil, aged 7, and Pixie, aged 4.  I tend to be very introspective and think about the human condition, spirituality, relationships, and how it all fits together.  Besides my freelance journalism gig, I am an aspiring novelist, a sometime waitress, soccer coach, horsewoman, gardener, hiker, and chocolate lover.  Not necessarily in that order.  I love to read but don’t do reviews…although I may occasionally comment on books that I’ve read in a more informal way.  Movies, TV, travel, nature, birds, paranormal…you name it, I’m interested in it!  There are just so many things in life to be interested in – it’d be impossible to list them all here!